Soil Surveys

Most residents will know that Hunsdon PCC (Church Council) has held, since 2012, planning permission to construct a new chapel on part of the village’s recreation ground.  There is information about this on our website, but this note* is being circulated to provide a brief update on progress.

We are now at the point where some of the preliminaries to construction can take place.  We have booked contractors to take some soil samples.  These will provide information about the kind of foundations our building will need prior to going to tender for quotes from construction companies.

The contractors will attend the construction site on Tuesday 3rd July.  The work will involve digging some holes (a JCB will be on site for a few hours).  The holes will be filled in again immediately.  During the work, the area will be cordoned off for safety, but will be open again once the work has completed.

We anticipate that construction work will begin later in the year and will publish details of this as soon as we are able to do so.

Revd Mark Dunstan
On behalf of Hunsdon PCC

*  Originally circulated through the “Hunsdon Hub” Facebook group as the fastest way to reach most people.